CONSIDER THIS: Great work relationships start with self compassion


In a society where the ‘self’ takes front and centre stage it may seem odd to focus on self-compassion as a foundation for developing good relationships at work and at home. Accepting who we are, taking responsibility for our mistakes and forgiving them, opens us to a more generous workplace and a genuine connectedness with others.

Feeling better about ourselves means we are less likely to react to stressful situations and more likely to respond compassionately to those sometimes tricky work relationships.

By mindfully recognising and accepting our thoughts and emotions non-judgmentally, we set into motion a physical change that reduces the stress hormone cortisol. This practice results in a calmer and more open state of being.

Be kind and forgiving to yourself and you are more likely to be that way with others.

Take Action

Take a mindful moment to note your critical ‘voice’. Note if this critical thought or emotion is helpful, neutral or not helpful. This is a first step to non-judgmentally recognising and accepting your thoughts and emotions, whatever they are. Mindfulness is a practice to help you develop self compassion.