Coaching is a journey of self-awareness.

Gaining personal insight and self-awareness supports the process of personal development in a business and individual life context.  It is a collaborative process that helps establish clarity of purpose in creating balance and meaning in life and work. In short, it helps people to grow.

My style of coaching is based on building a relationship of authentic trust, and encouraging open and curious dialogue to mindfully explore positive solutions. I encourage engagement with the novel and unexpected, to creatively and innovatively make meaning and establish purpose. By identifying individual strengths and values, together we take a pragmatic and honest approach to discovering the unique and practical steps and habit changes toward achieving goals.

Individual coaching is for :

  • Executive collaboration and growth
  • Enhancing leadership and management skills
  • Supporting emerging leaders
  • Career and life goals

Coaching conversations come about for a range of reasons and can include exploring complexity, transitions and change, and roadblocks and obstacles.  These conversations may include issues like confusion, confidence, perfectionism, stress, anger, communication difficulties, self-belief and resilience.